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Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

I have been wanting to read this for some time after find out that Ender's Game was indeed a book before the film came out. I'll leave a  link to ReadIt1st at the bottom of this post so that you can learn more about films based on books. The film has got great ratings and the book does too, in fact this novel was first published in 1985! The idea was developed in 1977 but we still find the science fiction story thrilling in every way imaginable. The twist at the end of the book may be guessable for some finding their way through the pages quicker than expected but for me the turn in story line made this book even better!
10/10 It's not a game; comment!

The Fear - Charlie Higson

The third installment is here, and I am happy to say that these books aren't written as a trilogy, yes I know: There are more novels to follow in this twisty, turny adventure of mystery and action- I for one can't wait! The book was better than the last one and it starts linking the two other books (The Enemy and The Dead) together making the story intensify with new character and a new plot. It's unmissable.

9/10 Comment, comment, comment. Any minute now there could be an invasion of sickos!...

The Dead - Charlie Higson

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and for some they have already arrived! The summer break is a great time to start a new series, so if you haven't heard about this one- it could be time to pick it up as a new novel. Of course not before it's predecessor which is also on my blog.
  The book is fast and we learn about all new characters who make the story even better. The great thing about this series is that some future novels are set in the past and older ones set later on in the tale, meaning that to finish the whole jigsaw you need to finish the whole collection on books. Fantastic!

8/10 Time to comment, Time to read...

How to Choose a Good Book SPECIAL POST

Hi guys, a short while ago I was asked to write an article on choosing good books for a website called College for kids. The site focuses on child bloggers giving out information to other's online, the topic's are varied and every post is different. So here is the post I wrote, I hope you find it useful and remember to note down your thoughts in the comments...  Books come in all shapes and sizes; they can take many different forms. Such as a factual book, a novella, plain old fiction books- Wait one moment, did I say plain and old? No book is plain or old, even if you don’t like a story you can guarantee that someone somewhere does like it. That is the beauty of reading, you have to read books that you want to read, books that you will enjoy.  Now book review blogs like mine are great for discovering new books that you may want to read yourself, but they also give you an opportunity to see what other people are reading and what they like to read. If you enjoy the same genres…

The Lost World Diaries: EXCLUSIVE POST!

The Lost World Diaries: A virtual interactive reading experience enjoyable for all, and you can be part of it! Read on to find out all about the new series, and even get involved with an Exclusive contest! VIP access to the Christmas party and a free short story could all be yours, but for now: read on!... (Contest closes 14th July 2014, Parents, this bit is for you too!...) 
Too early to start thinking of Christmas? Normally I would emphatically say yes, but I may have found a fun, unique gift that will stand out as possibly the gift for 2014. The Lost World Diaries is a book series that is the first truly interactive novels and virtual world combined to create one great adventure. Ramp Publishing and a group of experienced designers and programmers from Disney, Nintendo and the like have come together to launch The Lost World Diaries book series that is designed to have passages in the books open up games and adventures in the virtual world. This will allow readers to join the advent…

Private Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo

This is a really touching book about war, but it's beautiful because it doesn't just concentrate on guns and shooting- It homes in on the deeper things. Loss and fear, but then through that shines the spark of belief; of faith: The spark of hope. A stunning novel for all...

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