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Agent 21 - Chris Ryan

Lovers of Robert Muchamore listen in, because if you loved Cherub you'll enjoy this book too! From an ex SAS  Solider this book really fires up action and adventure to satisfy even the most hungry thrill seekers. The book has a very fast pace but Cherub still beats it because there is a larger variety of characters in Muchamore's world. If you liked Alex Rider rather than teen spy agencies then this could be the novel for you... 10/10 It still gets that golden number, did it achieve greatness in your eyes? Tell me in the comments or on twitter @TheOllyBookBlog

Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex - Eoin Colfer

Another great read this time with another unforeseen twist which will maybe confuse you a bit as the novel is a little complicated in sections but all in all the book is still good. I've not rated it as high as the others due to it's story-line, it does fit together some pieces but in some ways it just feels like it serves the purpose of filling up a spine and two covers. To spread the series out a little further, however the writing was slick and stylish which doesn't make it's rating decrease much at all!...

9/10 Have you read this one? Do you want to? Answer me in the comments or Tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox - Eoin Colfer

This book was very different to the other novels in the series as it provided insight to the past of Artemis which many fans including me have longed to see. The book seems like it has the purpose of creating problems and events for future books instead of solving them, this creates a lot of excitement as we wonder what exactly lies in store for our characters in the future.

10/10 This is one of my favorite books to this series, is it one of yours? Tell me in the comments or tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog

Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony - Eoin Colfer

This book was as good as the last and a real thriller! It was pacey and contained all the things that a book about a child-teenage criminal mastermind plus fairies should have- that's a lot of things! A big twist at the books end also makes this novel special compared to maybe some of the other books. I am also pleased to announce that as we have been doing for the last couple of days, I will be doing a post of the next book tomorrow. Hip, hip, hooray!

10/10 If you thought it was outstanding too then comment or tell me @TheOllyBookBlog on Twitter...

Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception - Eoin Colfer

I may not rave about his other books however all of the Artemis Fowl books have been a hit for me! They are clever and full of wit. The addition of humour makes the novel even more entertaining but even though some moments may be comical the majority of this tale is pure action and I should say- pure genius! Be sure to return tomorrow for a review of Artemis Fowl and the lost colony...

10/10 Are you deceived by the Opals? Tell me in the comments or on twitter @TheOllyBookBlog

Cherub: Lone Wolf - Robert Muchamore

This one was almost an added bonus to me as I wasn't aware that this was actually out! I managed to read it straight after Black Friday so I got even more of a thrill out of it. It was a relief to get back into the shorter mission story-line after three novels spread out into one mission, although the writing quality didn't fall once despite what some other reviews will tell you. I have to say that Lone Wolf isn't as good as Black Friday however that doesn't mean it's bad!...

10/10 Muchamore's done it again, to tell me your thoughts either comment on this post or tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog

Cherub: Black Friday - Robert Muchamore

I'm back on my kindle for the summer holidays (British summer anyway!...) and Black Friday was a book I could not resist reading, especially as the latest Cherub is now out. (Lone Wolf, the review will be published on this blog tomorrow so watch this space!) The book is the best in series two coming from me, with old characters returning and new ones emerging! The pace is fast and action awaits you on every page.

10/10 A real page turner, do you agree? Is this a book you're going to read? Comment to tell me or tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog

Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo - Obert Skye

This is my first read on holiday and it was great! There are others in the trilogy but I'm not in a hurry to read them purely because some books are out there which I intend to purchase first. The book is quite difficult to start off with due to the language being so elaborate and English terms such as the metaphor or simile are used lots. After you get through the prologue though which you will read over a few times to make sure what you've read has fully sunk in, the book continues to be written like any other novel.

8/10 If you gave this one a Thumps up, then comment!

The Joshua Files: Zero Moment - M.G. Harris

I have to say I really didn't like this book. Sorry to all you fans out there but unfortunately the novel dragged on for so long it made me give up. The first book wasn't bad but I seem to have missed out some of the details as the story was different to how I first remembered it. Although I am now aware there was a book before this one which I didn't read.
  So to any fans who have read book one and two and enjoyed both novels I say give it a shot, But to any who didn't really find it amazing or thought it was just ok- It is probably time to pick up another book...

4/10 If your opinion differs to mine or even if you're in agreement with me, express yourself in the comments!

Skulduggery Pleasant: Armageddon Outta Here - Derek Landy

This is a collection of all the Skulduggery Pleasant short stories. They include a world book day novella alongside many other entertaining reads. Some you will have seen before such as The End of The World, or The Lost art of World Domination. However there are some no-one has read before, for instance a sneak peek into the last book, 'The Dying of the Light' which is due to be released on the 28th August 2014! A fantastic bundle of stories which are all well worth reading even if you are already familiar with them...

10/10 Have you got a stray thought or a feeling that somethings missing? Comment's are at the bottom so get writing!...