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Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief - Rick Riordan

This was monsterific, Other novels will be put under the underworld after this one! Spiked with lightning this is dangerous as it will truly blow you're mind! If the movie is as good as this then it deserves an Oscar, not to mention a BAFTA!

 9/10 A fantastic fantasy!

The Lord Of The Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

Sorry that I haven't posted for a while, but when you see the title of this review, you'll properly find out why! The book is written very thoroughly with lots of detail and history. Did you know Tolkien even made his own language! I think the books were all good but I especially enjoyed the second one: The Two towers as it is where they really get into the fellowship and it gets a ton more interesting! Not for the light-hearted this book will take you to the limit!

 I will give numbers out of ten for each book... The Fellowship of the Ring: 9/10, The Two Towers: 10/10 and finally, The Return Of the King: 8/10

The History Keepers: The Storm Begins - Damian Gray

This was a book not unlike the Timeriders series, but it had a slightly different start and plot though. Chasing through a storm of- history?! Will our heroes succeed against the dark? Imagine if your parents were lost, not just in the world, but in time...

 9/10 Operation: History- MISSION: READ IMMEDIATELY!

Journey To Jo'burg - Beverley Naidoo

This was a novella My class read in school, and to be perfectly honest; for a fiction book it was very dry and just far too 'non-fiction' for a fiction book. So for me, this book was sadly a no. It had a lot in it for a novella, and I can see why we read it in class, especially for English. But unfortunately it just didn't have that 'humph' if you get what I'm talking about.

 3/10 For me this wasn't a fiction it was a non-fiction, despite what the cover says...

Mortal Engines - Phillip Reeve

Winner of the Cilip Carnegie and The Smarties Gold award, this was not a disappointment! A great and imaginative plot which will leave you never thinking about cities in the same way ever again! NOTE: Not to be mixed up with Cassandra Clare's: Mortal instruments series or The Infernal Devices for that matter. A truly fantastic novel which will keep you content for hours!


Best Books Of 2012!

Here it is, The final rundown of 2012! So, getting started here are the best books I read this year, starting last...

10. Shadowmagic. Being the last book to be reviewed it was harder to pick Shadowmagic, but it is still definetly a book deserving of #10!

9. Traces: Framed. Warning: May Contain Traces Of a Fantastic Read That Completely Deserves To Be Here On My List.

8. Hover Car Racer. Racing through the list is a Hover Car! Come on Chaser- oh and you Bug!

7. Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud. This book is like a cloudy dream if you love books, but if you don't: A storm of DEATH! On my list, it's at #8!

6. Young James Bond: Silverfin. So many young books in the world today! Thumbs up Charlie Higson, you're included on my list!

5. Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of The Wicked. Wicked! No, literary, This is wicked in both ways! So wicked it deserves to go... On My List! How did I see that one coming...

4. Daniel X: Watch The Skies. Soon after the Hover Car Racer zooms past…

Shadowmagic - John Lenahan

This was the very first book I read on my Kindle which I got for Christmas  I got the Fire Hd one by the way! And I loved the whole experience, maybe it was partly due to the fact that the book itself was amazing! It's a 21st century 'Lord of The Rings' or 'The Hobbit'. After hearing that comment many people would say no straight away, but some would also dive in immediately! After actually reading the novel I would say to anyone give it a go, as it is well worth the read.

 10/10 I was so entranced I had to give it a 10!