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The Hardy Boys: The Jungle Pyramid - Franklin W. Dixon

Another fast installment in the Hardy Boys' adventures, It's got treasures, smugglers and even gold robberies- This novel is written to impress! The so called Franklin W. Dixon or one of the ghostwriters behind the name has really gone to town this time, in fact he may have gone to another country as you'll find in this book... 8/10 Post any thoughts in the comments detective!

The Dolphin Crossing - Jill Paton Walsh

This is a gripping novel about bravery and hope in a time of need, inspiration and more can be found within the pages of this book and its up to you to find them, if you start looking in these pages you will surely find enough adventure to satisfy you (at least for a while) Will you find courage in yourself as you immerse yourself in the story? That is the question that you must answer...

8/10 Any questions will be answered in the comments below...

Alex Rider: Skeleton Key - Antony Howowitz

Another excellent thrill ride by Antony Horowitz, love is in the air for the first tie but action readers don't be so sure that the books to come will be romantic novels over thrilling as action is still definitely on the menu! M16 have a great reading department if this book if anything to go by, so why not see for yourself? It's operation read!  

8/10 Mention anything that you want to mention in the mentionable comments of mentionable things...

Alex Rider: Point Blanc - Anthony Horowitz

It's fast paced, it's packed full of action, its Alex Rider, who else! Another great adventure can be expected from Horowitz in this book as it most definitely delivers it! Most schoolboys long to be spies, however the spy who longs to be a schoolboy returns with this incredibly interesting novel, are you game for M16?

9/10 Got a comment for MI6? Well all comments posted here will be passed on to them! Maybe...