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City Of Bones - Cassandra Clare

As I'd read the first two installments of The infernal devices series the first of the mortal instruments was a new reality to me, although the story line was quite similar.The main change for me was that one story is set in Victorian times, and the one I'm reviewing now is set in modern day. As the story's are both very similar when something happens in one series you think: Is that going to happen later on in the other series? Which can be very interesting, but some people won't want secrets unveiled and will stick to one series. I am not one of these people as I'd happily read either or both but my preference would be The infernal devices as I enjoyed the Victorian approach rather than modern day. This series is for older readers as the Victorian version can be read at a younger age.

  7/10 It was good but took a while to get through.

The Invisible Tower - Nils Johnson Shelton

This was a very american book but it also had English aspects to it such as it was a book about King Arthur. Result: English! The story is a not like anything you've read before, it takes a video-game-turns-into-reality look but also at the same time an Arthurian style book. If I was to compare this book to anything else it would be to Micheal Morpurgo's Arthur: High king of Britain novels.

  8/10 This was a very easy read even though it was quite long and I whizzed through it!

The Kill Order - James Dashner

This wasn't as good as the maze runner but it was still good. If anything I think the purpose of this prequel was to fill in a few gaps and to get more people into it? I was a good book but as the maze runner was my number one of 2012 it couldn't compete in a big way. It is still a good book for fans of the maze runner series and those who like James Dasher.

 7/10 Dash to get it before Dashners books stop being printed...

Jimmy Coates: Power - Joe Craig

I have to say, this was definitely better than Jimmy Coates: Sabotage. It was probably because after knowing background information from the first book that I read. Although it was much better, it still didn't match other big spy titles such as Young James Bond.

  7/10 The names Coates. Jimmy Coates...

Gamerunner - B.R. Collins

A little like the maze runner at first sight, but as you begin to read beyond chapter one the story takes an entirely new concept. With lots of action and a fantastic plot I was completely engaged with the story, but then in the last three pages however, the story abruptly stopped in a way that wasn't expected or as good as the expected ending. this for me sadly didn't make the story as good as it could have been, but there is another novel: Maze Cheat so maybe all will be revealed then. nevertheless his was a great story so I will give it...

     8/10! It would have been 10 I just had to consider the 'odd' ending.