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An awfully Beastly Buisinss: The Jungle Vampire - David Sinden, Matthew Morgan, Guy Macdonald

Aside from the simply massive title, this book was actually quite a fun read... It had a couple of unexpected twists, making the story flow smoothly.

 7/10 An enjoyable read

Barnaby Grimes: Curse Of The Werewolf - Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

This was quite a good story, but to be critical of it, the one thing I thought about it, was that it spent a long time building up the story, building up the tension, getting ready for a grand finale: But then it ended literally, in a page of hurried writing. I wouldn't say it was unenjoyable, I wouldn't tell you not to read it. I'm just saying that it sadly didn't make the mark for me as it failed to meet my expectations. But on the good hand, it did have a fantastic starter. Although that might have been the books weakness, saying that the ending was so unsatisfactorily.

  6/10 I wouldn't say its the worst I've read, but it wasn't the best...

Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer

I had already read the first chapter of the fifth book, but being younger then I didn't fully understand it. Now though I am obviously older, so I decided To give it another shot. This time round though I had the sense to start with the first! And seriously, It was amazing! It was an entirely new concept of story for me as I'd never read anything like it before!

 9/10 Crime-busting stuff!

A Hero For WondLa - Tony Diterlizzi

An immediate follow on from the first book, I understood this really well. In these chapters  Tony  Diterlizzi takes imagination to a completely new level! This definitely deserves to become a children's modern classic. From the co-author of the Spiderwick Chronicles  this cannot, and will not: fail to impress!

9/10 Wow!

Macbeth childrens version - Andrew Matthews - Originally by William Shakespeare

I wouldn't usually go for Shakespeare, and I still don't. This was okay though for a first. It was quite a simple story, and a bit gory. But I've read worse!

4/10 Where is that bookworm?...

Timeriders - Alex Scarrow

This literally throws you through the ages! Ever wondered what it would have been like today if certain historic events were changed? Then this is your book! There a more Time Riders books out now!

9/10 Is THAT an dinosaur? RUN!!!

The Rise Of Nine - Pittacus Lore

Pittacus Lore has the right to not just be famous on Lorien, but equally on earth! I cannot confirm it yet, but it is highly probable that he will turn this trilogy into a series! The story has changed rapidly from where it began in 'I am Number Four', yet it has kept up the fantastic standard it started.

10/10 How could I give it 7, or 8, even 9...  

The Power Of Six - Pittacus Lore

This is a great middle book to the trilogy. It jumps about more than the first, skipping from character to character with each few chapters. It is more fun than I am number four so I read it considerably quicker. I will review the last book: The rise of nine as soon as I read it, which i'll be soon as I can barely put it down!


I am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

Written by an ancient leader of an ancient race your fate is at stake if you read this book... Tumbling from side to side in a battle of wits and nerves (Did I Mention Aliens?) you will not put this one down. Now a major motion picture, theres no way you can get out of reading this one now... Not that you'd want to or anything...


Chosen as a Rooster Bank Book Review.

The Death Cure - James Dashner

What a spectacular ending to this mind-blowing Trilogy!  Giving unexpected results at every corner, surprises at every dead end- this is amazing! Dashner has shown he is worthy of writing such a brilliant Trilogy, just in this book!!! A fantastic novel I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

10/10 The title sounds a little like a bond movie...

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness - Original idea by Siobian Dowd

I was sucked into this the moment I read the first word. Literally, an outstanding novel which has won The Cilip Carnegie Medal, The Cilip Kate Greenaway Medal, The Galaxy National Book Awards, The Red House Children's Book Award, The Ukla Book Award- Did I mention The Cilip  Carnegie Medal? Outstanding, simply outstanding. It doesn't deserve 10/10, not 11/10, nor 12/10- but over 100/10! One of the most Powerful and moving reads I have ever read. Magnificent.

10/10 Knock Knock...