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Department 19 - Will Hill

This was a fantastic book with a really gripping story-line! The first in what will be a series of praise for the author, that's for certain! The vampire novel puts a different light onto secret agent and Gothic books at the same tie, combining the two to make one thrilling encounter within its pages. I have to say that if there's one book that should be on your "to read" pile at the moment- its just going to have to be this one!...

10/10 What can I say? It's great, now I want to know what you  have to say... As always folks, comment or tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog

The Hunted - Charlie Higson

This book has a thrilling chase with small parts of the story so far focused in on to create on bigger picture for readers to see. It was a piece of the series that I was very interested in as well, so that made the book really exciting for me.
  No worries folks, this one is not the climax, phew! However I have a strong feeling that it is the penultimate novel in this great series of books...

10/10 Fantastic, wouldn't you say so? Tell me in the comments or on Twitter @TheOllyBookBlog, Thanks again guys!...