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The Hobbit - J.R.R Tolkien

The Hobbit is a great prequel to the Lord of the rings trilogy. The new movie is to be released soon after being postponed for ages. The Hobbit will delight many and is an ageless modern classic. If you've not read the Hobbit your missing great works! Although some readers may find it a little confusing at first it's still a great read! With a new movie soon to be released, The Hobbit is now more popular than ever!

 8/10 fantastic!

Missee Lee - Arthur Ransome

Missee Lee is a real adventure story. It is full of excitement and not one sentence will disappoint you! A fantastic read!

7/10 Marvelous!

Gone - Michael Grant

As thrilling as the Hunger games I'd say! This is an electrifying read! For older children, the gone books in order are: Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague and Fear. You won't want to put it down, I didn't anyway! Michael Grant is a seriously good author and he also has a new book called bzrk.

I rate this fabulous novel 10/10 A fantastic read!

The Spooks Battle - Joseph Delaney

The Wardstone chronicles are all good books, yet I happen to love this one in particular. This spooky tale is shrouded in mystery and is guaranteed to scare your wits out of you! It says for those who have outgrown Harry Potter- No. I don't think you could outgrow Harry Potter as even adults love it! But that doesn't mean you won't love this book, because you will! The first in the series is the spooks apprentice, and the last the spooks nightmare. There may be more to follow...

7/10 Delightfully dark!

My swordhand is singing - Marcus Sedgewick

This is a brilliant book! A story of vampires, heroes and courage. You will love this book! This is for older readers.

8/10 great

Magyk - Angie Sage

Magyk is amazing! Love this book! Its true, Magyk certainly is amazing! Can Septimus Heap stop the evil sorcerer Dom Daniel? Find out in the 6 installments of Magyk: Magyk, Flyte, Physic, Queste, Syren and Darke. I would truly recommend this to older readers.

9/10 Brilliant stuff!

The Charlie Bone Series - Jenny Nimmo

The Charlie Bone series are an ideal starter for the Harry Potter's, even adults will enjoy these books! If you like magic and adventure you have to try these books! Written by the award winning author of 'The snow spider trilogy' and 'The Rinaldi Ring' this series has something to offer for everyone!

 10/10 A smart round of applause if you please!

Holes - Louis Sachar

Holes is an interesting novel. It is the type of book that does not reach upto the bestsellers but dosen't drop far either. Quite a good novel, an interesting plot.

4/10 Not bad, I've read worse.

A series of Unfortunate events - Lemony Snicket

The series of unfortunate events is wicked! 13 unfortunate books about extremely unfortunate children. The film is of the first three and is not that good but you can see it if you're interested anyway. Lemony Snicket has also published a book called horseradish though I can't review it yet but it will probably appear here in the future.

6/10 But do read them in order!

How to train your Dragon - Cressida Cowell

Viking with dragons? Preposterous! Well it had to come someday and here it is! By Hiccup, the scrawniest most unfortunate young viking hero this will not fail to delight! If you've not discovered Hiccup yet your missing out on one of the greatest inventions of modern children's literature! The How to train your dragon film is very good too, also read the other books in the series.

8/10 A great read.

Swallows and Amazons - Arthur Ransom

Sea and adventure has never been this good before! What a brilliant read! There is also a play direct from the West End of this spectacular novel! Why not read the other Swallow and Amazons books? WARNING: Swallows and Amazons contains more adventure and fun that is probably good for you! A fantastic read.

9/10 Don't delay, read it today!

Muddle Earth - Paul Stewart

Ever heard of the CBBC animation: Muddle Earth? Well here is the actual book! Extremely funny, extremely good and all in all brilliant! A laugh on every page, try this book because it will cheer you up, make you laugh, have you engrossed and have you a good book on your hands!

7/10 Fun-tastic!

Eragon - Christopher Paolini

Eragon is a fantasy tale set in an imaginary land where Urgals, Elves, humans and Dwarf's live. The next three books in the inheritance series are: Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance. You may have heard of the film that you can watch. I would advise you read Eragon's guide to Alagaesia so that you can understand fully about Eragons world. This is a fantastic novel. Older children such as 11+ will like this book. Like Dragons, adventure and Imagination? Then read, read, read!

9/10 Wow.

The invisible Detective series - Justin Richards

London today: Arthur Drake discovers the case book of the invisible detective
London 1937: The invisible detective can solve any case, any day. Only hes not really a detective, just a band of children who solve mysteries and are ready to fight crime any day.
 The invisible detective series are amazing, extremely enjoyable.

9/10 Brilliant reading

The Secret Kingdom - Jenny Nimmo

Read Charlie Bone? Ever wondered about the Red Kings childhood? Well here it is! This irresistible read will grip your attention every step of the way, and will the Young Red King: Timoken escape the Viridees? A powerful story, more of the young Red King books are available now.

7/10 Brilliant

Shadow - Michel Morpurgo

Set in Afghanistan today, will the mysterious Springer Spaniel lead Aman and his mother to safety? The author of war horse and born to run once again delivers an elegant and beautiful novel.

8/10 This is a book to be read by all. Read this book.

The Search for Wondla - Tony Diterlizzi

From the brilliant mind that brought you the Spiderwick Chronicles comes a new novel: The search for Wondla! In the future can Eva Nine survive amongst strange creatures and robots, and will she ever find another human being? This books plot will have you fascinated for ages, you can also begin your adventure at Will Eva ever find the meaning of the mysterious clue reading: Wondla? The search begins...

8/10 a fantastic modern classic!

Alex and the Wigpowder treasure - Adrienne Kress

This exhilarating novel is to be enjoyed by everyone! Danger lurks at every corner, Pirates sail by each sandy cove and adventure is throughout every single page! This brilliant novel is good in that it is funny and that it is adventurous. An interesting and fun read. Amazing!

8/10 Read this book for a great adventure!

The dragons eye - Dugald A. Steer

Based on the famous award winning series, Dragonology. The dragons eye is the first book in the dragonology stories. When two children are about to be taught by dragonoligist, Ernest Drake. Adventure is bound to be in store! There are three other books in the series. A good read but slightly hard to get through. Especially with younger readers.


The Palace of laughter - Jon Berkeley

Like the circus? Then love this book! Angels, big tops, villains scheming to take over the world. This book has it all, could it get any better? Well it certainly can! You can try the next two books: The tigers egg and the lightning key. Laughter can be dangerous, but there's lots in this novel, so don't put it off. Try it now!

7/10 Wicked!

Kasper prince of cats - Michel Morpurgo

A Titanic tale of bravery and friendship. Inspired by the legendary cat of the Savory Hotel in London. A good read for everyone. Deserves to be a modern classic.

8/10 A beautiful story

Which Witch? - Eva Ibbotson

Eva Ibbotson has delivered another brilliant book. This novel is deliciously good. This book will never fail to delight you and you'll go back to it again and again! Shortlisted for the Carnegie medal. Will the white witch ever become evil like she longs to? Try it, its good fun!

6/10.  A dark yet amusing novel.

The graveyard book - Neil Gaiman

Like ghosts, spirits. Graveyards? Well read the book! Winner of the Carnegie medal 2010 this book is full of mystery. Can young  Bod, who has been raised in the graveyard escape the man Jack, who has already killed his family? An irresistible book, deserves to become a modern classic.

 7/10 A masterpiece.

The Golden Hour - Maiya Williams

The golden hour is a book well giving a go. All about time travel you will get sucked into the story. The golden hour has something for everyone: Adventure, mystery, time-travel and friendship. I would highly recommend this book to all of you who yearn for adventure, want excitement or those who love a good book!

7/10 An enjoyable read.

The amulet of Samarkand - Jonathan Stroud

The first book in the Bartamaus trilogy, this is about modern day London- controlled by wizards! This is a gripping read and will have your attention to every word. Now you can get the thrilling sequel: The Golems Eye to read. This fantastic novel is 10+

 8/10. You won't put it down.

Dragon Rider - Cornilia Funke

Over two million copies sold, this book is very popular, and for a good reason. This book has a warm feel to it, ever believed in dragons? This will renew your dreams of them or make your belief in them stronger. It shows that even the loneliest of people can have dreams come true. 9+

 A beautiful book and an inspiring read. 8/10

The Fire Thief - Terry Deary

The Fire thief is set in ancient Greece with the Gods and Zeus. But then a Greek God is sent to England in Victorian times. Can he survive with an evil bird after him, more commonly known as death? Written by the famous author of horrible histories this trilogy is better for people with more knowledge about ancient Greece and the Victorian era.

5/10 is the rating for this novel.

The Spiderwick Choronicles - Tony Diterlizzi and Holly Black

Just like the Harry Potters this review has to be done as a series. Faeries, magic, mystery. This series has it all. Now the Spiderwick Chronicles has been made into a film and I suggest you read the books before you see it. This series has a number of other books along with it: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles (Three books about after the Spiderwick Chronicles) and Arthur Spiderwick's guide to the fantastical world around you. This is a fabulous series and every book is as good as the next.


The Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling

It would be too hard to write a review for just a single Harry Potter as they are one story in a whole series. The Harry Potters are books that I would recommend to anyone! The age of 9 or 10 is possibly a good time to start them. They are full of magic, adventure, mystery, good, evil- its hard to believe that J.K.Rowling could pack all of it into the books! The films are amazing too. The awards that the Harry Potter books have received are outstanding. Why, the Philosophers stone (book 1) is a triple smarties gold award winner!
 I would advise you any day, to read the Harry Potters. It deserves an 11, but that's not possible as the top is 10.

Every single book in the Harry Potter series deserves a 10/10! Outstanding!

The Clumsies make a mess of the big show - Sorrel Anderson

A very funny novel, the characters are very clumsy! There are four clumsy books in total. The little mice which are in fact the clumsies make a mess of everything. Although they always try their very best not to! This book is 7+


No such thing as Dragons - Phillip Reeve

Winner of the Carnegie medal this book is a great read! Its very easy to get through so maybe 8 or 9+? This book will be finished quite quickly but you'll love reading it again and again.


Cairo Jim: On the trail to Chacha Muchos - Geffory Mcskimming

A real adventure novel, Cairo Jim tracks down the wonders of the world in this massive series of books. The first flabbergasting installment of Cairo Jim is a book many will treasure forever.


The Secret Country - Jane Johnson

This is one of the best books I've ever read! 8+ is the age for this one. Full of adventure, magic and more, what more would you want from a good book? You'll never see your cat in the same light again, this is a book for everyone which deserves to be as high up as Harry Potter! The other two books are Dragons Fire and The Shadow World.

 A clear 10/10 You won't put this book down!

The Snow Spider - Jenny Nimmo

The famous author of the Charlie Bone series, Jenny Nimmo has struck gold again with the fantastic Snow Spider Trilogy. The first book: The Snow Spider won the Smarties Grand Prix award. You won't want to put it down it is such an impressive read. Ages 8+ should be able to read this fairly easily.

9/10, I think this novel is just as good as the following two: Emlyns Moon and The Chestnut Soldier. I recommend that you read them.

The tree of seasons - Stephan Gately

The tree of seasons is quite good. The plot is well set and it has a lot of good qualities of a book in it. It is one of the best books you can get about entering a different world or a magical place. An enchanting read.


Dragon Keeper - Carole Wilkinson

Set in ancient China where dragons are real. Ping, a young orphan slave must care for the dragons as the dragon keeper refuses to do his sacred duty. Like magic, dragons, history, adventure? then you should try this book. Read the prequel: Dragon Dawn, or the other books: Garden of the Purple Dragon and Dragon Moon.

I rate this book 8/10

Jammy Dodgers get filthy rich - Bowering Sivers

In Victorian times there were lots of street children, petty thieves, pick pockets and poor families. Here, put into one the Jammy Dodgers emerge. When there's trouble or or a nuisance maker in London, the three Perkenski brothers are usually involved somehow! Ages 8+ will enjoy this read.

 So its a 7/10 from me!

Hover car racer - Matthew Reilly

I seriously enjoyed this book by Matthew Reilly! Set in the future everyone flies in hover cars, but where theres cars, theres also racing so here it is: hover car racer! This racing book will surprisingly even impress people not that interested in racing. It is a story of courage, friendship, adventure and talent.

An amazing read, thank you Matthew Reilly. I give it 9/10!

The Book of Dead Days - Marcus Sedgewick

The thought I had inside my head when I had read the first chapter was: wow! Marcus Sedgwick is an amazing author and no book of his will ever be the same as another. This is a rare but fabulous quality of an author. This book is aimed at secondary school children but children aged 10+ should be able to manage it fairly easily. The sequel to this book is the dark flight down, other books by Marcus Sedgewick are 'my swordhand is singing' and 'Midwinter blood'. You can see his whole collection of books at:  Younger readers may have also read or heard of Marcus Sedgwick's series: 'The Raven Mystery's'

 9/10, Fabulous!

Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud - Andrew Lane

The first Young Sherlock Holmes adventure is a must read for everyone! Young Sherlock must uncover the mystery death cloud. Other young Sherlock Holmes books you can read are Red Leech and Black ice. If you like adventure in the Victorian times then you should give this book a go!

I rate this spectacular novel 7/10!

Skulduggery Pleasant - Derek Landy

Skeleton detective? Magic? Secret agents? Adventure? Then this book is right up your street! There are vampires, magicians, shape-shifters, necromancers- skeleton detectives?! There are another six Skulduggery Pleasant's (One being a world book day special it is no longer available but it might be on eBay, amazon,etc) and one coming in September 2012.

Amazing! This book is a 10/10! Brilliant stuff!

Young James Bond: Silverfin - Charlie Higson

The young James Bonds are incredible. Ideal for those who love secret agents, adventure and spy's. The first book: Silverfin is the first of the five young Bond adventures. Silverfin, Bloodfever, Double or Die, Hurricane gold and By Royal Command.

 eight out of ten for this one!

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Wow this book is stunning! I would strongly recommend this book to anyone leaving primary school all the way to adulthood! A little like Harry Potter, in that a lot of people different ages Will enjoy this book! The film which has recently came out is also amazing and I would strongly advise that you see it. The certificate of the film is a 12a. Suzanne Collins is a really good writer and has also written the two other books in the Hunger Games trilogy: Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Which are in fact, equally good. 

  This book has thoroughly earned 10/10!