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Beuatiful Creatures - Kami Garcia + Margret Stohl

This was a really good book to read as it was exquisitely written and the story line was superb. There were also a few unexpected twists at the end which made the book even better. The genres of this novel are magic, romance and YA. This book has also been made into an immensely popular film of the same name. Other books in this same series include Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos and Beautiful Redemption. All in all a Beautiful series!

  10/10 For when pretty doesn't satisfy...

Rather Unpleasant Cautionary Tales for ill-mannered and immoderate Children - Ima Bratt

This was a book that was sent to me by the author Ima Bratt, the book is a collection of clever poems about children who are unpleasant in some sort of way, and what happens to them because of how they act. The poems remind me a bit of Roald Dahls Charlie and the Chocolate factory, because of what happens to the children when they are bad. To be honest I've never been one for poetry but these poems were both witty and funny, so whats to dislike? These poems are perfect for reading to younger children at bedtime, maybe one at a time? 
  Perfect family poems to be enjoyed by everyone! 8/10

Ptolemy's Gate - Jonathon Stroud

After a short while (Ok a long one) I got through this very large tome of a book. It started off really well as all the Bartimaeus Books do, you have the layout of the actual book as the chapters switching from character to character, like all the other books, so far so good. Then you get some brilliant surprises that make the book really interesting. Again, this book is still going pretty strongly, the only letdown of this book though is the end. Obviously it is the end of the trilogy so the book has to be ended one way or another, but still- Having the epilogue before the final chapter is never going to make an ending 100%, and then in a one paragraph long finale having one of the three main characters being killed, then afterwards having nothing else to explain what exactly happened because it's hard to make out in a rushed paragraph- just makes this book disappointing.

  6/10. The others are better


Class A - Robert Muchinmore

This was just as compelling to read as the first one to be honest, it was just as fast, fun and fantastic. One interesting thing I will add is that for a while the meaning of the title will appear obvious to you but then when you read on it changes drastically. This series is a definable for older readers but for those younger ones it's a no no no question...! '
  Punchy, exciting, glamorous and whats more: You'll completely wish it was true!' Daily Express

        10/10 This is class A stuff.....

The Recruit - Robert Muchamore

This was amazing! It was blow your mind action right from the very start as the fast and furious story raced to the finish line! Lots of the comments on the book says that you'll really wish it was true, well I had my doubts about this particular quote but I can now verify that you really will wish it was true. So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy now! NOTE: Not suitable for younger readers. There are many other Cherub books around so why not get the whole series? If you want to go back in history try the: Henderson's Boys Series. Cherub, but set in world war two.
  Fantastic, this thoroughly deserved a 10/10

The Secret of Platform 13 - Eva Ibbotson

This book isn't actually a spooky story despite of the title. Instead it is quite a short but still quite a wondrous novel. All of Eva Ibbotson's books are similar in the way that they are written and they all have two things in common: They are always fun and always easy to read. So yes, a very easy going book which was really fin and magical when you compare it to other books that could have the same title.

    7/10 Positively fun.