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Cherub: Dark Sun - Robert Muchamore

This was a short novella from the 2008 World Book Day. I wouldn't say go and search the internet for it as it is only 108 pages long but then it is 108 pages of fantastic writing! I expect that it won't be that expensive as it should still have the £1 World Book Day label on and even without that, it is a very small book. If you see it out and about definitely get it if you're a fan of Cherub, but make sure you read it after at least 'Divine Madness' or you won't get the full blast of Cherub. I read this in 45 minutes so this shouldn't stop you from reading the main series for too long... 9/10 Got something to say about this book? Tell us in the comments...

Cherub: Divine Madness - Robert muchamore

I really have little left to say, this series keeps maintaining it's outstanding standard and even makes the standard higher! The way this is going I do believe that Cherub Will win my 2013 Best Series award. It's won this months anyway! I must get my hands on the next book, these are too thrilling for my own good!

10/10 Got something to say about this book? Tell us in the comments...

Cherub: The killing - Robert Muchamore

This is a series that I simply adore! Whenever there is a Cherub book that I haven't read I must get it, then when I do get it: I must read it! The series that Muchamore has created is amazing, in my opinion he deserves a knighthood for going to and beyond the call of duty for keeping children and adults alike amused in literature!

 10/10 Got something to say about this book? Tell us in the comments...

Blade of Fire - Stuart Hill

This was a book that made me astounded, a book that was full of twists- Well maybe it would have been if I hadn't already read the first of the series which is practically the same book. A city is about to be attacked by the mighty empire, to withstand the attack they must get allies. At the last minute all the allies come and the city wins. Add all of the other bits and that is a very good book. But when it is written again just with different allies the book kind of decreases in greatness. I did enjoy the book though and one thing that was good about it is that you can tell how the technology of the empire advances through the books. For instance in the first they invented muskets and pistols- Gunpowder. Then in the second flight was created! So that was a good aspect of the book.

8/10 Have any thoughts on the book/s? If so please tell me in the comments...

Day of the Djinn Warrior - P.B Kerr

This was one confusing book! and I got through it really really slo-wel-ey because of that fact! It was confusing because basically some of the characters turn into spirits, they then share the other characters bodies and keep switching whose body they share. The book refers to them in one chapter as one person, but then in the next two people?! Quite funny in a few parts, but comedy isn't one of this books genres really.  The other books in this series were more interesting than this one. I think that the plot idea was terrific I really do, but the way the novel was written lets it down big time. So hats why I rated the book...

    6/10, Got something to say about this book, why not tell the world in the comments!