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Children of the lamp: The akhenaten adventure - P. B Kerr

I really, really enjoyed this book. I really hope that I can get the others in the series because this one was so good! I truly recommend this book to those who love a bit of fantasy, you will enjoy this book!

8/10 Wish for this book now... Genie!

Airman - Eoin Colfer

This book is a bit hit and miss. It does not really have a great start and just drizzles away to nothing. This is a typical young love story with misfortune and misery in it. To be quite honest from a so called award winning author this was quite a disappointment.

 3/10 I gave up on it less than half way through.

Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm - Andrew Lane

This will fire you into a storm of intense reading, I truly encourage everyone to read this fabulous novel! The latest young Sherlock will make you crave more, and there is more to follow... Detective!

 9/10 A fiery read no doubt!

The Hardy boys: Rocky Road - Franklin W. Dixon

I love Ice-cream, so cold and creamy- but I also love this book! It is a delightful read and you will love it no doubt about it! READ READ READ because...


The Hardy boys: Galaxy X - Franklin W. Dixon

This is a complete blast! Will the legendary Hardy boys delight readers once again? Of course they will! All new! All new! This book is not to be put down! It is out of this- galaxy!


Plague - Michael Grant

Fantastic yet again,  Micheal Grant delivers another irresistible novel, for older readers this book is fast paced galloping ahead of everyone else. 100% action, 100% brilliance, 100% fantastic writing!

Stunning. 10/10

Lies - Michael Grant

I'm not going to lie to you, this book is... wow! Again, none stop action and a brilliant novel as Micheal Grant delivers yet another stunning read! For older readers again, this book will blow your mind! Concurrently you will find it fast and furious, as you will struggle to tear your eyes from the writing!

10/10 a fabulous read!

Hunger - Michael Grant

This is stunning! A thriller that cannot be put down, this book is the amazing sequel to 'Gone'. Simultaneously you will be delighted and thrilled. This book is most definitely for the older reader. Other books in the 'Gone' series include Lies, Plague and Fear. Micheal Grant has also written a new book called 'Bzrk'. None stop action, you will be hungry for more!

 10/10. Just stunning. A fantastic read.