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The Maleficent Seven - Derek Landy

Being a huge Skulduggery Pleasant fan myself I knew this book wouldn't be disappointing. (Even if it was, the damage would be minimum...) So was the book disappointing? No! I've heard a few fans complain because Valkyrie and Skulduggery aren't actually in the book ,although they are mentioned in one chapter... I think that even though out favorite partners in doing and solving crime don't appear in the book, it is still a fantastic story. The fact that The front cover says: Tanith Low in.... The Maleficent Seven obviously tells us that the book focuses mainly on Tanith and the Maleficent Seven. And seeing as we haven't really heard from Tanith much since she was taken over by a remnant, I think the story will sell quite well.

   Why would I give a (Tanith) Low mark to this superb story! 10/10

Clockwork Princess - Casandra Clare

After a very long novel I finally have got round to writing this review! (Which is kind of obvious if you think about it...) The book started off as a very promising and good read, but then in the middle it started to lose the story as the genre changed to romance quite severely. Afterwards though, towards the end of the book the story did improve a lot and this made the novel end the trilogy really well.

  8/10 To read the other reviews on this blog you may have to wind the key as it is a clockwork- blog...

Light - Michael Grant

This was a spectacular last book for a spectacular series! The gone books have all led up to this novel, building up anticipation and excitement along the way: and this book was no disappointment because it will blow you away! As a YA thriller this book is definitively for older readers. You can always tell if a series is gripping by seeing if you are sad to leave the story at the end of the last novel, and I was just that. It's like losing a part of you if you are really loving the story and have loved it from the first sentence, and I certainly did. The FAYZ maybe ended but Grants not done with us yet! Because his other books include: The Bzrk series and The Magnificent 12 series. So get reading!

  Magnificent, with this book we see the light! (Literally on the front cover)  10/10

The Seven Swords - Nils Johnson-Shelton

Fantastic! This book was easy to get into just like the previous installment in this series: The invisible tower. The books are very similar in the way that they have been written but in this second novel the story begins to open up slightly as many secrets are unveiled. One of the things I like about this novel is the cliffhanger at the end. It makes us as readers want the next book really quickly, and for good reason. Yes, this series is EPIC!

  9/10 You don't have to be in Otherworld to enjoy this...

The London Eye Mystery - Siobhan Dowd

This book was recommended to me by a friend of mine, saying it was one of his favorite books ever, I knew it was bound to be good. It wasn't what I expected though, as the story was written in a very different way to many other books. I won't rave about this novel too much though because I have just read some fantastic YA thrillers and I have lots more to read. However I will say that if you are looking for something a little different to your typically written book, then try this because you'll not find the likes of it anywhere else. If you do like this style of writing I'll recommend 'A Monster Calls' By Patrick Ness.

  A good read, 8/10

The Mummy Snatcher of Memphis - Natasha Narayan

This book took me a long time to read because it was quite hard to get into, because of this I found it difficult to get into and had to re-read parts of it. I found this book very similar to a lot of other books I had already read, imagine the plot: The Victorian age, a girl who aspires to be an adventurer rather than a 'lady' who goes off to solve mysteries. Seem familiar? It's very interesting though because of the author, lots of the places in the book have either been visited by the writer or a place where she would like to go. For example Narayan lives in Oxford, Oxford is also the home of Kit Salter. (The main character) So to conclude I give this book...

  6/10 It was good I just didn't like it enough to rave about it or buy the rest of the series...