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Warrior Cats: A Dangerous Path - Erin Hunter

After a period of reading such amazing books, this still satisfy's me! I have always enjoyed the Warrior cats series, and this was no exception, A dangerous path in a forest of secrets, will the cats survive?

 9/10 wowsers, or should I say- meowsers!

Daniel X: Demons and Druids - James Patterson

What a fiery read! The novel picks up straight after the previous installment: 'Daniel X: Watch The Skies' and continues to be a spectacular read! Going after number three in book three, can Daniel X take the heat? Or will our brave alien-hunter hero finally get burned...

 9/10 They're getting better, and better and- beta?!

Daniel X: Watch The Skies - James Patterson

Patterson has delivered another out of this world mind blower, almost literally! I enjoyed the second book considerably more than the first one: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. It is little like the Lorian Legacies (I am Number 4, etc) but then in other ways, it an entirely different story and concept. If you did like the Lorian Legacies, or any other Sci - Fi novel for that matter, try this series because I can Promise you that it will be like nothing you've read before!

 9/10 It's Pittacus Lore- No wait, wrong story!

Seraphina - Rachel Hartman

I have to admit, I too a long time on this novel, a very long time! It took off to a very descriptive and rich start, but then slightly lost it at the middle. It all came together at the end though, with lots and lots of information crammed in at the last few pages. Possibly the longest chapters I've ever read, although the book doesn't look that long at first, it definitively was a huge novel! It also has a little romance and 'History' in it too.

  8/10 Stunning.