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Prince Of Hazel and Oak - John Lenahan

The second Shadowmagic book took off slightly after where it left us at the end of the first novel. The story was quite different to the previous installment, as it began to explore even more of the exciting realm. The story itself is made of several smaller stories that all pack together to create the one whole tale. I find that Lenahan's unique way of writing is very interesting and I hope that there will also be many more Shadowmagic books to come. 

 9/10 It's came of of the shadows and into the light: This books is great!

Time Riders: The Pirate Kings - Alex Scarrow

This book really made the Time Riders story turn around. As new things occur and the main focus zooms in on a few characters you begin to think that the next book will be mostly about the other people. I think the ending was a bit rushed but to be honest there wasn't really that much more to add. I think this book was a little like a different story to the rest of the books but that doesn't make Alex's writing boring as he is still one of the most thrilling authors around today!

10/10 Next stop: The Mayan Prophecy..

Time Riders: City of Shadows - Alex Scarrow

This book wasn't anything like the previous ones. The story has begun to get rather interesting as the story is now twisting and turning even more! The tale zooms from corner to corner at a pace that rivals even the speed of light! Or should I say time?... Anyway the story continues as if it's just the next chapter in the previous installment, which I found really good as most stories have an event or something that has happened in between the books, that you find out about in the next story etc.

Time Riders: Gates of Rome - Alex Scarrow

This series never stops getting better! This is the book in the middle or so in the series that unlocks a lot of secrets, leaving mystery and suspense in the air, this makes you really want to read the next books so that you can find out the secrets for yourself.. This means that there could be a lot more Time Riders novels published, hooray! Going back to this particular installment though: If you have ever heard of or read any of Simon Scarrow's books (Alex's Brother) then you're in for a surprise, as Simon's books are about ancient Rome, Gladiators etc. (NOTE: They are adult books but the Time Riders are Teen Fiction) Alex has included some of the characters! This makes the book quite interesting!

  10/10 'A thriller full of spectacular effects' The Guardian

Time Riders: Day of the Predictor - Alex Scarrow

I can't believe that I missed out the second novel in this amazing series! I was probably because I was so immersed in the superb story line that I forgot! I wouldn't say that this was the best book in the series but it was still a very good story. For a dinosaur novel this was a very unique and very interesting book.

 9/10 Dino-riffic!

Time Riders: The Eternal War - Alex Scarrow

I love this series! Yes repeat, I LOVE THIS SERIES! And I also love this book! The pace is the speed of sound, zooming along through countless thrilling events that will amaze you. You might think that each Time  Riders would be typically the same, someone alters history and the characters have to make it back to normal blah blah blah. But all of them are completely different, they all have different plots, new people to meet and they all have a whole lot of excitement, and this one was no exception! 'If I had to choose a series's of books that I had been the author of, then the Time Riders series would be okay for me...'  

10/10 This book hasn't just charged through history, it's charged through the book ratings and hit 10/10! Amazing!...

Time Riders: The Doomsday Code - Alex Scarrow

The third book in this outstanding series was fantastic. The plot was very clever and the history involved was quite good as it showed how legend could only be science. It as a particularly easy book for me to read as it is about the area that I live in. I posted this review so late after the previous one because I enjoyed reading it so much that I wanted to savor it. Alex Scarrow is an ingenious author with many fabulous ideas. There is a special short Time Riders coming out for world book day on the 7th March 2013.

  10/10 I enjoyed this a much as the first and more than the second. Brilliant!