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Sophie Someone - Hayley Long

This book is very unique and is written in an unusual but fun way. It follows the story of a girl called Sophie who really wants to know what her true identity is and what her story began like. The book is written from Sophie's perspective, however, the book is written in code which makes the story extra interesting and very engaging for the reader. Working out some of the more difficult words is actually quite fun and it does make the entire reading experience more interactive and also better as a whole.
  I think that the book is very good although it can be fairly confusing to being with and at first you often ask questions that only get answered later on in the novel because unlike some books where you see the story from the outside, and therefore are privy to information before it is passed on to the main characters, you follow Sophie and get to know the facts when she does.

8 / 10 A good mysterious, unique, fun and very Belgian book. Add your thoughts in the comments if yo…

Rat Runners - Oisin McGann

I read this novel quite a while ago but I've came back to it now so that I can review it here for you. The book is set in a dystopian future and is very, very similar to the novel and play 1984. However this book is for children rather than adults or older kids.
  As you can tell from the blurb the story follows four young criminals, McGann is very good at creating the characters and we follow each individual separately or together throughout the whole story. That's probably the best part of the book, going through the characters, seeing what they do or how they feel which, is what the Government in the story is able to do with everyone.
  I think that McGann has clearly taken a lot of elements from other stories to create this book particularly from 1984, however he does make it his own through his own characters and certain events.

7/10 - Analyse this book in the comments if you care to do so, remember: you have nothing to fear if you have come on this blog. (That was a tr…

Magisterium: The Iron Trial - Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

This book is the first in a new series and it is a really good introduction to what could become a truly great series of books. I enjoyed Holly Black's Spiderwick Chronicles and also Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angels trilogy so it was also going to be pretty likely that I liked this novel. To be completely honest the book isn't a whole lot like either of those books, it is probably more like The Clockwork Trilogy but that may just be to do with the style of writing and the books setting, obviously influenced heavily by Clare.

  The book is quite typical of a lot of new modern stories with magic, it's about an ordinary boy who one day discovers that he has powers- you get the picture. The book does bring some new things in though, admittedly later on in the novel but it is quite original. After all we have two good authors who have wrote about magic before working together. 

10 / 10 A fresh, new take on magic that I thoroughly enjoyed. Comment your opinions or email …