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Traces: Final Lap - Malcolm Rose

This was a great read. I first thought that it was the last installment of the Traces series but as I have now found out, it is not the final lap for our favorite forensic investigator as i can confirm; there is another book after this! Yay! The book had quite a few unexpected turns, and I think that a lot of the happening in this book could set up some in the next. We'll have to see if I'm right but if I am then a lot of excitement is o come...

8/10 Got something to say about this book? ell us in the comments...

Quarry - Ally Kennen

It started off well but the stories soul kind of left during the final chapters. Almost like a dementor entered another series of books now that we are back in the Potter mood. (J.K Rowling is currents writing a screenplay adaptation of her book: Fantastical Beasts and where to find them, Review coming soon, watch this space!) So yes, the book made you think about different characters in different ways once you read different parts of the book. Which is quite interesting. Until the book stops suddenly at a dead end in the last few pages. I felt that the ending actually came about in the previous chapter. Like the final chapter would reveal the last piece of the jigsaw, hat told me the point of the book- Only there wasn't one. The last jigsaw piece remained under the sofa, the runner fell on the final sprint, the story for me, remained incomplete.

  4/10 Do you think differently to me? What are your thoughts on this novel?...

Shadow Wave - Robert Muchamore

The last book in the series! A short part at the start of the book is a continued mission after the events in Brigands MC. After that it turns into a story about a journalist reporting about some people who lived on an island being taken away (For the full summary of 'taken away', please read the book.) Unlike any other mission a group of Cherubs turn against the Police. Very different to any of the other books and in my opinion a great end to the series.

10/10 Anything to say, oh come on the Cherub books have finished! Hasn't anyone got anything to say? Yes, oh right. Tell us in the comments.