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The Sleepwalker - Robert Muchamore

This was a much faster read than the previous Cherub installments and came to a slightly slow finish for me.  I was surprised that the novel was as fast to read as it was but then I couldn't physically see how thick the book was, Which,  I suppose a downside of reading on a Kindle. The spark just wasn't there for me that makes a true Cherub book although in some parts it was really thrilling. So this is the first book from Muchamore that doesn't get a 10. However if you are a fan of Cherub, you need to red this book or the rest of the series will become muddled...

8/10 Still good, Still good. Do you think it's still good? Tell us in the comments...

Mad Dogs - Robert Muchamore

These books are madly addictive! Never mind 007 or Sherlock Holmes, Read the Cherub books right away!!! Robert Muchamore actually wrote this because his son had nothing else to read, imagine being presented with that book from your father and he said: 'This is for you son/daughter, I wrote it myself.'
   You'd probably think it would be rubbish, but after reading it- Whoa! More Dad more, Pleeeasee!

10/10 Comment away now recruits, What did you thin of this book.

The Fall - Robert Muchamore

It's a two missions in one book kind of book. And when one mission is great, two missions are fantastic! The 7th book in the Cherub series is certainly as good as the last. I again, read this on Kindle and on holiday (likewise with all of the Cherub reviews coming up soon) At £3.48 each VAT included as it's Kindle price versus the big £6.99 (£7) the books are in my opinion worth getting on kindle or any their tablet (just get the kindle app) if you don't mind reading on a screen. I think you know the drill by now, 10/10!

So yes, 10/10, What do you think of these books? Remember to tell the world in the comments...

Man vs. Beast - Robert Muchamore

Cherub is back again in another all action thriller! The plot is fiction as usual but it will make you think of real life happenings in a different light. Perhaps some Cherub fans will turn into vegetarians, we will see... We will see... This was the first Cherub book that I have read on a Kindle and also on holiday. Even though there were these differences to the way I read the book, I was still intensely gripped to the story.
10/10 What do you think about this Cherub installment? Why not tell us in the comments below...

Underwater Adventure - Willard Price

After missing out the second book in the series because I didn't have it, the third book in this series grasped my attention and I began to read it. Still the same adventurous story but how amazed I was to find how much the books differ! In each new book you meet a new set of characters. Be they villains or be they heroes, they sure know how to make a bad book good! Mutiny, wild animals and treasure awaits you on this journey of reading...

8/10 Got something to say about this book? Tell us in the comments...

Amazon Adventure - Willard Price

Published around 1970 and with an author born in 1887, these book are fairly old! Amazon adventure is packed full of all the things that should be found in a good old survival and exploration novel! Set in a time when the amazon wasn't currently explored and still full of savage natives, this book is fun to read and then lets you think on what it might have been like then to explore somewhere for the first time. For mystery lovers this is also a great book because the is quite a big one in there for you... All in all a great read recommended to be by my father as he read them when he was the same age as me.

9/10 Don't forget to comment on this book, what do you think?

The Picts and the Martyrs - Arthur Ransome

This is a great novel bey the author who won the very first Cilip Carnegie award over 70 years ago with the first book in the series: Swallows and amazons. The book has characters that we love and know but it is a very different book to the other ones in this series. Ransome has created stories of adventure so good that all children will wish that they were the characters in the book when they read it. Shivering Timbers and barbecued bobcats these are Brilliant works!

8/10 Got something to say about this book? Tell us in the comments...

A Boy and his Bike - Harry Breiner

This is a young children's picture book that I was asked to review from the author, Harry Breiner.  It is very nicely finished and I'm sure that parents would enjoy the book when reading it to their children. The pictures are edited to make them look quite good. The book is finished very well and also very new to the kingdom of baby-toddler books being released only on the 29th July 2013. It talks about imagination to young children in a different way to other books as it talks about imagination only being as far away as the little things, Such as your bike. There are some road safety tips in the back so that children stay safe on their bike. It also makes kids think about what their bikes could be, a priceless jewel or a jet plane; what will it be today...

   Little children mark:                    8/10
   Parents read-a-loud book mark: 9/10

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