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Nowhere - Jon Robinson

This was one of my Christmas gifts and I was intrigued by it's front cover since I had unwrapped it. After reading it I now want to read the sequel quite badly as the novel ends on a steep cliffhanger. The story is very well written and I enjoyed the way that new characters came into play to make the book sometimes turn around. As you piece together bits of the intricate puzzle the story pulls you in further and further which is what an author ideally wants a book to do to you!

Sure Fire - Jack Higgins With Justin Richards

This book had a fast and upbeat pace cramming bungles of information into a short space making the book quite an easy read as everything is explained both clearly and with precision. There was some moments where the book seemed a bit unrealistic for a novel that is kind of like a fact-fiction: Fiction that isn't fantasy but is set in the world that we live in. Car brands are still the ones we know, shops and street names remain unchanged etc, etc. But then again it is essentially fiction so hey ho.

8/10 If you want to speak about this novel then speak in the comments below...

The Book Thief - Marcus Zusak

This book gripped me on a whole new level, it was a real eye opener as it showed me how it was to live in the period of world war 2. The story was written so well and there were so many aspects of it making it different from other stories. Aspects that made it great: it flowed, it got to you, it was so innocent and the book seemed so human. Facts about it that distinguish it from the rest include that the novel is narrated by none other than Death, or that the pictures drawn by the Jewish fist fighter are actually in the book itself.

10/10 If you have anything to say then head over to the comments.

I am Haunted by Humans.
-Marcus Zusak, The Book Thief

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