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Go Berserk making Websites with HTML and CSS - Ian Simons + Will Moore

Sent to me from Go-Berserk this is the first non-fiction book I've reviewed on The Olly Book Blog! So without further ado, onto the review! (I'm a poet and I don't know it)
  This makes HTML Website Coding really simple, if you don't get what HTML is then please Click Here. The book is really light to go through and not difficult at all and any person who is 8+ should easily understand this. There are also other books in the series such as Go Berserk making websites with Javascript* etc. The one thing I will say is that even though it works with any windows version, the authors use Windows XP in the book while the newest ones are obviously 7 and 8. The Code used is HTML 4 and CSS 2, The newest out however is HTML 5 and CSS 3. So apart from a few Program Updates this book is great!  *An alternative to HTML 
8/10, Have you got any thoughts on this book? If so please tell us in the comments!

Maximum Security - Robert Muchamore

This is Muchamore at his greatest performance! He writes really smoothly which makes you want to read on. With thrilling twists and brilliant  moments- This book has more than it's fair share of excitement! When a new mission is accepted, Cherub will never fail to satisfy! With new people , places and more- What is there to miss out on? Not your average Harry Potter but hey, who said it was...

10/10 Tell us your thoughts on this book in the comments...

CRYPT: Blood Eagle Tortures - Andrew Hammond

Due to come out on 30/6/13, this book was sent to me directly from Headline Publishing for me to review. To start off I will say that the book stared off promising some really good stuff, even though I wasn't

Beautiful Redemption - Margret Stohl + Kami Garcia

This book was very different to the rest of the series, as with the other books it had some very nice twists at the end and in fact, throughout the entire novel! Finishing off the Beautiful Creatures series or, The Caster Chronicles very well, these two authors deserve enough pats on the back to last a life time! 'This series has been creating twilight level buzz.'

  10/10  Superb!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney

I wouldn't usually pick this kind of book up, but it's important to read a wide range of genres so I decided to give this a try.  Tons and Tons of children have read this book and the rest of the series because the book is very funny, and the novel is mostly in cartoons. I think it would have been better if it was a bit longer because the actual writing in the book takes up only about 20% of the book whilst the other 80% is occupied by pictures. Pictures obviously make stories a lot easier to read, and when there's about two on a single page... So, this book will be read in a very fast amount of time, so what do you do when you've read the book? If you wan to read the next one there's a whole series out there! Then there's also two successful films to look forward to so there is a lot to do with the world of Wimpy Kid.

  7/10 A very different way to read...

Beautiful Chaos - Margret Stohl + Kami Garcia

This was another thrilling novel to add to my list of the books I have both read and enjoyed! All of the books in this series blend together really well, so well in fact that it is almost like reading a single tome! The story gets better as it progresses because you learn more about the magical world of casting and the writing is more intricate and smooth to read. I have to say these books have really gripped me and continue to do so as I read on...

 10/10 From this series do you really expect any less?!...

Beautiful Darkness - Kami Garcia + Margret Stohl

This book was a little like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to the rest of the magical series. I say that not because of the story line or the genre, but because the novel leaves the 'homeland' and ventures out on the run, or in this case the people chasing the others who are on the run. So its a bit like the death eaters chasing Harry and his friends, although the people we follow throughout the story are goodies not baddies even though they are the ones doing the chasing. I have to say that this series of books get better as they go along as the plot deepens ad the brilliant twists get even more- twistier?! Fantastic stuff...

  10/10 This novel really does't disapoint