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Monty and Me - Louisa Bennet

Monty is a dog, Monty also happens to be a detective. After his master is murdered Monty decides that he should look for the killer and help his new owner (a detective working on the case) along the way. The chapters switch from detective to dog in this thrilling read giving you an insight into the lives of Police workers and how dogs feel, think and communicate. It is a really interesting book because it really makes you wonder about our canine friends and other animals as well, like ladybirds or rats for example who also make an appearance in the novel!

  Readers should note that this book contains a fair amount of profanity / swearing and is definitely not suitable for readers of a younger age...

10/10 This was a fantastic book and I could not put it down, please remember to leave a comment below and to tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog