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Department 19: Battle Lines - Will Hill

Battle Lines is intense, that is the one comment which I will put before any others. The intensity makes it an adrenaline rush, it makes the book exciting: it makes this book stand out as a phenomenon!
  Will Hill shows us all of his talent once again as a stunning writer and it gives us hope for the future when we think about possible new series' and new novels written by him.
  I for one cannot wait to see how the rest of this series pans out and you should join me because if they continue to be as good as this one and the last few, we are in for a treat!...

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Department 19: The Rising- Will Hill

After I have 'reloaded' The Olly Book Blog and given out some new reviews accessible from 'Anywhere' we have a new Department 19 novel to look at, Yay! The book is the second in this wonderful series and a review of the third book is to be released on the site shortly.
  Onward and forward though because I  have to continue with applause for Will Hill's astounding style and finesse. The story is great also, it is at least as good as the last (or first dependent on your take on grammar) installment if not better. Personally the quality of the written word was fantastic for me but I know of others who didn't enjoy this book very much for reasons undefined in my opinion.

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Agent 21: Reloaded - Chris Ryan

So we now turn to the legendary Chris Ryan for our action and adventure stories, he does tell a fast tale full of adrenaline!
  At some points the writing in my opinion was a little unrealistic, and one particular point at the end could was massively predictable, although during the ending sequences of the novel I was hoping for an alternate ending, an ending different to the one that I was expecting. This time my wish wasn't granted. All in all though the book does provide entertainment and I'm looking forward to the next book in this series. (I just hope that the events are completely new...)

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Anywhere - Jon Robinson

Hi everybody, I'm really sorry about the evident lack of books posted onto my blog recently, there has indeed been a massive shortage in posts due to just how busy I've been!...
  So without further ado we are going to head on-wards straight into today's review: A book that I received for Christmas after loving the first in its series; Nowhere.
  The book is thrilling and it adds a whole new story-line to the first book, and I'm telling you now. It isn't a bad story-line or even an okay one: it's good, and when I say good I mean amazing! Jon Robinson really surprises us with a sequel that is even better that the first novel in the trilogy: yes, I did say trilogy. The next book is due to come out later this year, which reminds me: Happy New Year! (Just a little bit late, oops...)

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