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The Sacrifice - Charlie Higson

Yet another book by Charlie Higson! Hip, hip, hooray! This time the series is evolving in strange new ways and better plots emerge all the time. This read will keep you on your toes and of course, that's the best kind of read!... You will enjoy this novel if you enjoyed it's predecessors but be warned, for the story to make sense you must read the rest of the series first.

9/10 Have you thoughts on this one? Well then I'll see you in the comments, and that person at the back, yes you! I'll see you on Twitter @TheOllyBookBlog

The Saint of Dragons - Jason Hightman

This took a while to read because of the intricate writing, even though it is a series of books I believe that the novel should have been a single book to keep the writing to a limit which would have improved the quality.

7/10 Tweet me @TheOllyBookBlog to tell us your opinions, you could also comment below...

College for Kids interview with The Olly Book Blog

This is an interview that I did for College for Kids, This is the second piece that I wrote for them concerning The Olly Book Blog...                                                      -------------------- All of the blogs for kids profiled at College by Kids are perfect for kids to read. They are also created, written and maintained by kids. The Olly Book Blog is written by 13 year old, Oliver Hill. Oliver started the blog when he was 11 years old and over the last two years he has written book reviews for over 200 children’s books. As a contributor at College by Kids, it is exciting to share our first kid blogger interview with Oliver. What motivated you to start your blog? My Mum read so many books the rest of my family and I thought that she should write a book review blog. However she was more interested in reading books than reviewing them! So I started a blog instead since I also read quite a lot. How did you decide on your blogging topic or niche? Explained in the first question r…

Artemis Fowl and the Seventh Dwarf - Eoin Colfer

A world book day special novella has came our way with something fowl inside it... Yes I know, that was a bad joke- but then speaking of humour there isn't much in this book compared to the others. Possibly due to it's size and also because of when it is set, which is just after the first or second book. This fact is not confirmed though it is definitely early on in the Fowl adventures.
  The ending of this one shows the first real sign that Artemis may not be as evil as he looks to be. This is portrayed as a twist however and a very good one too, this story is also included within the: Fowl Files book which I am yet to read, as I am with The last Guardian.

8/10 Do our views match? Do they differ? Only you know and only you can tell me. You can do this in the comments or alternatively on twitter @TheOllyBookBlog