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How to Choose a Good Book SPECIAL POST

 Hi guys, a short while ago I was asked to write an article on choosing good books for a website called College for kids. The site focuses on child bloggers giving out information to other's online, the topic's are varied and every post is different. So here is the post I wrote, I hope you find it useful and remember to note down your thoughts in the comments...  Books come in all shapes and sizes; they can take many different forms. Such as a factual book, a novella, plain old fiction books- Wait one moment, did I say plain and old? No book is plain or old, even if you don’t like a story you can guarantee that someone somewhere does like it. That is the beauty of reading, you have to read books that you want to read, books that you will enjoy.   Now book review blogs like mine are great for discovering new books that you may want to read yourself, but they also give you an opportunity to see what other people are reading and what they like to read. If you enjoy the same genres as them you can always see if they have reviewed things that you would possibly find to be a good novel.  Authors often write more than one book/series/trilogy. So if you particularly enjoyed the books that were written by one certain person: the chances are you’ll like their other books too. However this statement is not always true as a lot of the time authors write different styles of book to serve a larger group of readers.  There are some easy steps to determine if a book you are interested in is really for you: Step one: Read the blurb, this is located on the back of the book where information will be kept to draw you into the storyline; there may also be quotes or extracts here. Step two: See what rating’s the book has achieved and why the ratings are what they are. If a crime story lover has found a book which has five stars because of the mystery involved in the story then he’ll/she’ll most probably enjoy the story. Step three: Read the first chapter, if the chapter entices you to read on then the book may just be for you! The may be a prologue for you to read also. Never get this mixed up with the epilogue though which is at the books end.   So, these are my views on how to select a book. Be sure to visit my blog and maybe even subscribe to my e-newsletter which sends out all the latest posts straight to your inbox. Thanks once again for reading this article and I hope you found it useful,Keep reading,                                                          Olly.
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