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The Lost World Diaries: EXCLUSIVE POST!

The Lost World Diaries: A virtual interactive reading experience enjoyable for all, and you can be part of it! Read on to find out all about the new series, and even get involved with an Exclusive contest! VIP access to the Christmas party and a free short story could all be yours, but for now: read on!... (Contest closes 14th July 2014, Parents, this bit is for you too!...) 

  Too early to start thinking of Christmas? Normally I would emphatically say yes, but I may have found a fun, unique gift that will stand out as possibly the gift for 2014. The Lost World Diaries is a book series that is the first truly interactive novels and virtual world combined to create one great adventure. Ramp Publishing and a group of experienced designers and programmers from Disney, Nintendo and the like have come together to launch The Lost World Diaries book series that is designed to have passages in the books open up games and adventures in the virtual world. This will allow readers to join the adventures with the heroes Alex and Dean as they read along.The book series starts off in a giant castle filled with secret rooms, glass elevators that float across the valley, a giant airship that transports our heroes and readers to different worlds and an amazing sleigh ride pulled by a giant, friendly polar bear names Wilham down to a secret, hidden village. Readers will be able to create their own avatar, build their own rooms, read short stories in the library that open up new adventures and be the first to learn about the next novel in the series. There are 4 novels that have been created for release over the next two years with the second opening up an underwater world where all the fish and underwater creatures rule the earth, the third an ice world locked in a cold, unforgiving climate yet amazing beauty is hidden just beneath the cold and the fourth novel will open a whole new world in outer space. Each novel will open up a new world within the virtual world and will include new games and adventures with each novel.”We wanted to create not just a book series but an entire world that kids could interact with, share with friends and join in the adventures as they read along. By combining their love of virtual worlds with traditional book publishing we think that we are going to create a whole new experience and promote reading at the same time,” author Rick Momsen says.
  The Lost World Diaries are launching  a Kickstarter campaign on  July 7 which allows us to get a sneak peak at the new book series as well as a fantastic offer to pre-purchase the books and join the virtual world at a great price now. Also, tell them you heard about it from us and win VIP tickets to the virtual world Christmas party at the castle for your kids in addition to a free short story. If you want to get involved with the Lost World Diaries now you’ll have a great Christmas present for your kids in December that will promise them years of great reading and adventures. You can find out more HERE

Thanks again guys and be sure to get involved, (There's a video below!)
Lost World Diaries on Facebook

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