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The Dead - Charlie Higson

  The summer holidays are fast approaching, and for some they have already arrived! The summer break is a great time to start a new series, so if you haven't heard about this one- it could be time to pick it up as a new novel. Of course not before it's predecessor which is also on my blog.
  The book is fast and we learn about all new characters who make the story even better. The great thing about this series is that some future novels are set in the past and older ones set later on in the tale, meaning that to finish the whole jigsaw you need to finish the whole collection on books. Fantastic!

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The Mermaid's Sister - Carrie Anne Noble

This book is quite surreal at times and is overall very good. Sometimes it is difficult to work out some things in the story but everything does become clear at the end of the novel. The book is set in Victorian times but it seems to be mostly timeless and it's time period didn't really affect the novel for me and it wasn't something that I thought about much whilst I read the book.

  The plot is rather good and it is written very cleverly. One of Nobles' strong points is her ability to create very real characters. She does this so well that at the end of the book you can almost sense the characters reactions and emotions to different events before they come which makes the author very skilled at her craft.

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A Street Cat Named Bob - James Bowen

This touching story will open your eyes to the world around you and show you how the streets of London actually work. A really heartfelt tale by an author who really does tell it as it is. I sped through it as it is so smoothly and simply written, younger children would do well to read the child version. You should also look out for the second book and the third which is focused on Christmas at this time of year.

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The Saint of Dragons - Jason Hightman

This took a while to read because of the intricate writing, even though it is a series of books I believe that the novel should have been a single book to keep the writing to a limit which would have improved the quality.

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